CSA Security Inc - Training & Careers

Training & Careers

CSA Security Inc. offers comprehensive security training to all its employees, ensuring all security staff is adequately trained for their work sites accordingly. Some of the areas covered include but are not limited to Customer Service, Tactical Communications, Security & Emergency Response, Legislation & Liabilities, and Investigative Techniques. CSA recognizes the importance of such a training plan to guarantee that all guards are effectively trained and provided with all the required tools they need to perform their jobs.

In addition to training on security procedures, CSA has developed an enhanced section on customer service to promote truly customer-focused service delivery, while balancing the need for assertion and control in the provision of truly effective security.


We offer our employees an immense range of exciting and rewarding long term career opportunities. Empowered to positively execute all tasks and duties, our employees can really make a meaningful difference when dealing with our clients, their guests, and the public.

We offer a variety of interesting and unique career opportunities, and the opportunity to work with other talented individuals to develop potential in a fascinating organization.

Apply Today! Contact our Human Resources Department by sending your resume and cover letter to hr@csasecuritygroup.ca.