Monday - Friday: 9.00am to 5.00pm
With an extensive background in the security industry, aviation sector, and property management, the management team brought their experiences together forging a dynamic team with the capabilities to provide a variety of services, through superior employee training and support.

In addition, having provided security services in the aviation security industry and for large national and international events, our members draw on their in-depth knowledge when addressing each client’s unique security concerns.

Our management & security staff have a range of hands-on experience in high risk security management, such as during the 2010 Toronto G8/G20 Summit, or the 2005 Airbus A340 plane crash at Toronto Pearson International Airport.

Just as the security industry is in an ever-changing state, CSA Security Inc. not only follows, but participates in many ways to establish and maintain ever-growing professionalism in the industry.
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